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This is the second consecutive year that Doyle Soccer School has run a lunch-time soccer program for the students at Hudson College.  Adrian and his staff have a great way of connecting with each participant and creating a fun learning environment. We cannot thank him enough for his efforts these past 6 weeks.  The feedback from our students has been amazing.  We certainly look forward to working with him again to provide this positive service for the students at Hudson College.

Marco Reda
Athletic Director, Hudson College
Boys Technical Director, Woodbridge Soccer Club

Adrian Doyle was a co-teacher in the Hudson Grade 3 classroom. He is a talented educator who demonstrates a strong understanding of children’s social, emotional and academic needs and how to successfully meet these needs. He is well respected and genuinely liked by staff and students. Adrian uses effective coaching techniques when working with students and therefore creates a sense of belonging, teamwork and commitment to collective and individual goals.

Rose Bastien
Vice Principal, Hudson College

"Adrian was my first ever coach. He coached me through u8/u9. During those years he made practices and games enjoyable. He helped me develop many different skills that are inherent in my game today. I was always ecstatic about going to practices because Adrian never ran a mundane or ineffective session. Players would consistently work hard and more importantly enjoy the game.  I was able to properly receive and pass the ball, use different parts of my foot, and move well off the ball all courtesy to Adrian’s training. Once I came back to Toronto, after a few years away, and Adrian would fill in for a session or game, he definitely induced team wide cohesion and engendered a positive morale for players with the proper work ethic. I am now committed to playing Division 1 soccer at the University of Kentucky next year and had I not had a coach like Adrian in my early career, this may not have happened. The same goes for others on that u9 team who are now at higher levels. I’m confident that wherever Adrian coaches, he will produce players of high quality with the drive to get better everyday."

Brock Lindow

University of Kentucky #15

Adrian has coached me for many years and has influenced my soccer success greatly. Adrian has always managed to make sessions intense yet fun focusing on advanced technical drills. Adrian’s coaching, motivation and knowledge of the game has played a crucial role in me attaining a scholarship to the United States.

Terence Crysler-Howard

Le Moyne College #16

DSS Coach

“Adrian is a fantastic coach.  I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by him periodically for over 8 years, and it has definitely helped shape the player I am today.  His knowledge of the game is evident in every session he runs, and he always manages to get high levels of intensity and desire out of his players.  For me personally, he has helped me develop into a more confident player as well as a more technically proficient one.  I’ve enjoyed every one of his sessions that I’ve been a part of, and I would always leave the pitch feeling that they contributed to my development in some way.  Adrian is also a great person.  He makes every player feel valued as well as comfortable in the team environment.  He also has an amazing ability to make even the most gruelling session enjoyable for his players, particularly through his great sense of humour, while also maintaining the professional atmosphere of the session. To summarize, Adrian’s coaching and personality have had a big role in my development as a player and as a person, and he has significantly contributed to my love of the game throughout my development.”

Owain Evans

University of Western Ontario #8

DSS Coach

"It is hard to find a coach who can run sessions with intensity and quality, but make it fun at the same time. Adrian did that for 10 years while I worked with him as a player, pushing me and making me a better player on the pitch all while having a laugh and not losing the fun side of the game."

Henry Barutciski

Concordia Stingers #4

“Adrian is great and has remained one of the most influential coaches across my career. His deep knowledge of the game has allowed me to greatly develop technically and tactically. Furthermore, his passion for the game incites a greater total appreciation for the sport. I am very grateful to have had Adrian has a coach and I highly recommend him.”

Moustafa Khattab

Emory University #10 (Captain) and Seattle Sounders U23

"Adrian has been one of the few coaches I’ve had in my career as a youth soccer player who has consistently shown interest in my development as not only a player, but a person too. His love for the game and passion for coaching are evident in the way he approaches every game and practice. In addition to helping players improve their soccer skills, Adrian instills a skill set in his players outside of the world of soccer such as working hard and staying determined."

Vid Vukobratovic

DSS Player & Coach

"As young persons enter adulthood they often encounter people outside of their family that help shape them into the men or women they later become. I was, lucky enough to have that person be Adrian Doyle. Honesty, rationality, passion and accountability are the characteristics that those who
guide the young persons of today should embody. Adrian is the whole hearted embodiment of these qualities. Throughout my time playing for and being around Adrian Doyle, it was these qualities that he inspired within me. The qualities that Adrian inspires are also perfectly suited for a soccer pitch. If a team were to all commit to Adrian’s dynamic style of coaching and endlessly enthusiastic personality, the end result would be remarkable. Those young men or women would be of the highest quality of character and in the lasting memory of recruiters looking for people with the qualities of leaders and outstanding community members. The qualities that Adrian Doyle inspires in the young persons around him for extended periods of time make him extremely valuable. It is for this reason that Adrian Doyle is an irreplaceable asset to any organization trying to shape and improve the character of the
youth of today into the leaders and freethinkers of tomorrow."

Cameron Flanagan

DSS Player & Coach

"I greatly admire how Adrian brings both professionalism and patience to coaching. He knows how to get the best out of players"

Evan Howard

DSS Parent

I am writing this testimonial to let everyone know what a wonderful, knowledgeable, and hard-working coach Adrian is! Both of my kids have worked under Adrian. His methods are always packed with non-stop action and depth that you don’t often see. Each drill taught incredible ball-handling and techniques that are directly applicable to game situations. And while my kids came home exhausted, they always had a smile on their faces and renewed confidence in their ability to play the game the right way. You will come across a lot of football coaches. However, great coaches are hard to find and Adrian definitely fits into this category.

Julio Olivares

DSS Parent

Adrian, we want to sincerely thank you for helping our son become a better soccer player and continuing to hone his skills. You create a learning environment with a solid curriculum that brings athletes to the next level. Liam loves your sessions!

Litsa Martinez
DSS Parent

"Adrian coached both my boys for a number of years. As a result of his coaching, Adrian greatly improved their technical skills and their ability to play as part of a team. He also developed their game sense by teaching them how to anticipate what was going to happen in the game before it actually did. Adrian brings a great sense of humor to his coaching while at the same time demanding commitment, respect, and 100% effort from his players. He holds his team accountable for mistakes but always praises good effort and a job well done. Adrian gets to know and shows great interest in his players and has a unique ability to bring a variety of players together to create a true team feeling where each player feels and demonstrates mutual respect between themselves and the coach. Adrian is highly dedicated and committed to each of his players and their development, not only in soccer but also as young men."

Heather Cooper

DSS Parent

Adrian coached my son Josh for five years - from his very first steps as a soccer player through his years playing academy soccer. In the early years Adrian was all about making sure the kids had fun, enjoyed themselves, and all the while improved their fundamental skills. As my son grew older, and began to play more seriously, and with more commitment, Adrian made sure he never lost sight of the fun in the game. But he also emphasized the discipline and determination it takes to become a first rate player. More than that he put a premium on teaching Josh what it meant to be a first rate human being. In his time with Adrian, Josh learned how to respect his teammates, as well as his opponents, how to bounce back from mistakes, how to profit from success. He learned the importance of being punctual, of being polite, and of time management: Adrian always made sure school work remained a priority, and my son became an organized and dedicated student because of soccer, and Adrian’s coaching. Maybe most importantly, my son learned that to become good at anything takes practice and commitment. It doesn’t come easily, but daily effort and incremental improvement is rewarded. As a father, I always loved the look on my son’s face when he went to train with Adrian. He was always excited and also determined. He knew Adrian would challenge him, and he liked that. Adrian took a genuine part in turning my son into the young man he is today. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Markham Cook

Former Parent

"Adrian coached my sons for 10 years. He was incredibly dedicated to both, improving them as players and helping them grow as young men.

With younger kids Adrian keep a nice balance between skill development and having fun - he appreciates that enjoyment of the game is paramount, without which a child will not have the desire to improve. As kids get older he puts a strong emphasis on playing “with your head”, as he rightly believes that quick, smart and confident decision making is as important a skill (if not more) as any other.

I very strongly recommend Adrian."

Michael Colborne

Former Parent

"Adrian coached both of my boys from the ages of 4 until 16! Adrian is a fantastic technical coach as well as a supportive and encouraging one. He cares very much about his players and goes above and beyond the call of duty.Adrian helped my boys to develop their soccer skills, their love, their passion and their team spirit. The improvements they made over the years were amazing. He kept them engaged and loving even more this great sport of soccer!With his fabulous sense of humour and great wit, he’s both tough and soft. A true strength of character. These are traits every coach should have to be a successful one. Adrian is that, and I thank him for sharing in my boys growth and development as players and young men.Congratulations to Adrian for his commitment, dedication and passion to this sport and his players. You certainly will  be happy you chose DSS!"

Michelle Barker

Former Parent

Adrian was a vital part of my development as a child, not only for soccer but also as a person. He was a great role model for me and demonstrated what a true gentleman is. His compassion and selflessness are two of many attributes I saw in Adrian and try to take from him. He was extremely patient and determined to make me a better soccer player and person and I will be forever grateful that I had Adrian as my coach.

Steven Simpson

Former Player

"Dear Coach Adrian, I wanted to thank you for helping me become a better soccer player and for making sure that I focused on my schoolwork. You were tough on me, but I am thankful. It helped me develop into a better player than the years before. I will always remember this year, and I hope you will be my coach again. Thank you!"

'What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches'

Ferhad Hebbo

Former Player

"I’ve known Adrian for ten years now. He started coaching me when I was 8 and has since then been one of the best coaches I’ve had. Being under his wing taught me a lot about discipline and hard work which has helped me tremendously in my career. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and personable and I wouldn’t recommend any other coach for developing young players."

Bryn Barker

Former Player

"I wanted to wish you best of luck with it all. It had always been a pleasure playing under your watchful eye as a coach, and an even greater experience working besides you as a peer. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in my time as a a player and trainer.

I'm sure that the pool of knowledge and experience (as well as your consistent levity and good humour) accumulated over the years will serve you well in the first steps of the school, and beyond."

Julien Procuta

Former Player and Coworker

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